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How to prevent osteoporosis in women!
Many women in life find that they can make a sound when they move some bones casually, and the teacher feels that their legs are weak when walking. This may be osteoporosis. Many young people have joined the osteoporosis family today. So how to avoid osteoporosis? Maybe follow the Xiaobian to learn effective prevention techniques in detail.

How to prevent osteoporosis in women!

How should women prevent osteoporosis?

First: protein intake

Many people's nutritional supplements will directly omit protein. In fact, protein also has a protective effect on bones. It will lead to a decrease in bone density, which will induce osteoporosis. Therefore, if you want to prevent it, you should add more protein. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat more eggs to eat.

Second: calcium supplement

In fact, the lack of calcium is also the main factor causing osteoporosis. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay more attention to calcium supplementation. Some soy products or dairy products and green leafy vegetables are all foods with a lot of calcium content, so It is recommended that you can eat more green leafy vegetables and drink more milk.

Third: more exercise

Friends who do not want to be entangled with osteoporosis should pay more attention to exercise. When you lack exercise, it will lead to bone loss, and the muscles will also be in atrophic state. Therefore, proper exercise can also keep fit. When you exercise, the blood in the bones increases, and the bone density also increases. Therefore, it is recommended to dance more and play Tai Chi.

Fourth: Get more sun

How should osteoporosis be prevented? In fact, you can also bask in the sun. Sunlight can increase vitamin D. These nutrients can promote the absorption of calcium. Therefore, it is recommended to bask in the sun, but pay attention to the sun. The damage is also very great, so it is necessary to do sun protection.

In fact, osteoporosis is not considered in the eyes of most young people, and regret after waiting for the outbreak. Those who do n’t want to be entangled can learn the above prevention methods.

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