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Four ways to prevent cerebral infarction in winter!
Seeing that the weather is getting colder and colder, are you taking precautions against cerebral infarction? Winter is the season of high incidence of cerebral infarction. Its onset time can be any time, it can be morning or day. Because of its high morbidity and mortality, it is important to prevent cerebral infarction in winter. Here are a few simple ways to prevent it.

Four ways to prevent cerebral infarction in winter!

The first: lighter diet

In fact, many diseases are related to diet, such as cerebral infarction. When you eat a high-calorie and high-fat diet, it will increase the fat in the blood, and the blood will become sticky and affect the circulation. Cold in winter can cause blood circulation to slow down, so it may cause blood clogging and cerebral infarction, so try to be light on your diet, especially friends who love hot pot in winter.

The second: multi-sport

The colder it is in winter, the more you need to exercise. When you exercise, blood will speed up circulation, so when the blood is unobstructed, it will not cause the occurrence of cerebral infarction, so you should pay attention to proper exercise. Do less exercise and less sweat. Such as brisk walking or jogging and yoga.

Third: Get up slowly

In fact, many people wake up in a hurry after waking up. The editor suggested not to get up in a hurry, they should stay in bed for a few minutes. Because after a whole night of rest, the viscosity of blood will increase. Once you suddenly stand up, it will cause insufficient blood supply and lead to the occurrence of cerebral infarction. Laying on the bed can slowly wake the body. So don't get up right away when you wake up, you should lie in bed.

Fourth: slower bowel movements

You should know that in the cold winter and slow blood circulation, once you exert excessive force during bowel movements, your blood pressure will rise and lead to the occurrence of cerebral infarction, so remember not to use too much defecation.

In fact, the winter cerebral infarction is extremely common. I remind you to do better prevention than to regret it after the outbreak. I hope the above prevention methods will help you.

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