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If women have constipation, they can eat five more foods to help improve constipation!
Winter is a dry season, so the loss of water will be more serious, and many friends will have constipation. The harm caused by constipation is still extremely large, and it is easy to induce some diseases, so it must be relieved in time. So how to alleviate constipation? Diet is a good choice. Today it is better to talk about what foods constipation eats.

If women have constipation, they can eat five more foods to help improve constipation!

First: sweet potatoes

Friends with constipation can eat sweet potatoes appropriately. Sweet potatoes not only have a lot of fiber and other nutrients. Its dietary fiber can effectively relieve constipation and help the stomach and stomach quickly detoxify various substances.

Second: Kiwi

What kind of fruit is good for constipation? In fact, you can try to eat more kiwi. It not only has minerals, but also various vitamins and sugars. These nutrients can accelerate the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, which leads to the smooth flow of excretion.

Third: Pineapple

Friends who often have constipation can properly eat pineapple. It has a nutrient called "Pineapple Enzyme", which can dissolve proteins, facilitate blood circulation, and expel various toxins from the body.

Fourth: Pumpkin

How should a friend with constipation eat to facilitate laxation? In fact, you can eat pumpkin properly. There are many vitamins and pectin in pumpkin, they can help the intestinal peristalsis and improve the state of constipation.

Fifth: Chinese cabbage

In fact, winter constipation is very suitable for eating Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage is not only full of water, but also has a lot of cellulose, so it has the effect of detoxification.

In fact, constipation is very common in life, so do n’t worry too much after constipation. Diet conditioning is just one of the better effects. Therefore, it is recommended to not only eat more pumpkin or cabbage and sweet potatoes In addition to food, you should strengthen your physical exercise, and exercise can also improve constipation.

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