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The symptoms of osteoporosis in women and effective prevention methods!
When it comes to osteoporosis, we all hear it very often. This is a disease that elderly people often suffer from. But most people don't know they have osteoporosis. In fact, if you want to know if you have osteoporosis, it's easy to see if there are some obvious symptoms in your body. Then let's simply check if you have the following signals.

The symptoms of osteoporosis in women and effective prevention methods!

The first: pain

In fact, the most obvious pain in osteoporosis patients is the most obvious low back pain. Generally, supine or sedentary or waking up in the morning is more severe.

The second: getting shorter

If your height has become shorter, it may be osteoporosis. Therefore, patients generally suffer from compression deformation due to the excessive negative pressure of the spine, and then it is easy to appear hump or become short.

The third type: fracture

What are the obvious symptoms of osteoporosis? In fact, patients easily break. Therefore, patients often have bones that look very hard but are extremely fragile because of calcium deficiency. A slight fall may cause fractures.

Prevention of osteoporosis:

First: pay attention to the absorption of calcium

The appearance of osteoporosis is due to calcium deficiency, so pay more attention to calcium supplementation in the diet, especially in the stage of bone development, more calcium supplementation will help increase bone density. Therefore, it is recommended to eat prawns, kelp, fish or beans and dairy products. Remember to reduce smoking and alcohol, these will affect the absorption of calcium.

Second: exercise more

The bone quality of bones can easily be lost due to lack of exercise. Therefore, if you want to ensure the health of your bones, pay more attention to exercise. Of course, increasing the density of bones is not possible with any exercise. Generally, brisk walking or dance, skipping rope and dumbbells will increase bone density.

Third: Vitamin D supplementation

How to prevent osteoporosis? In fact, vitamin D supplementation is sufficient. You should know that daily foods consume a lot of calcium, and vitamin D can accelerate the absorption of calcium, so you can eat more egg yolk, tuna or animal liver.

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