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Four tips to effectively kill athlete's foot!
Many female friends have athlete's foot, especially in winter. In fact, athlete's foot is an infection caused by sweating easily on the feet. So how to alleviate athlete's foot? In fact, a lot of small tricks can be easily solved, so today I will simply talk about how to relieve it.

Four tips to effectively kill athlete's foot!

The first: radish

In fact, the medicinal effect of radish is also good. Not only can it be eaten, but it can also cure foot odor. It is recommended to prepare the white radish directly, but slice it directly. Prepare the pot and add the water to the radish slices. Cook for three minutes with Wuhuo and then cook for five minutes with low heat. The basin is used for washing feet. It is reported that you can easily remove foot odors only a few times.

The second: pepper

Zanthoxylum is a common condiment. In fact, it can help relieve athlete's foot. It is recommended to directly prepare the pepper and salt materials. Wash the pepper directly into the pot, add water and salt and boil it directly, and then use it to soak the feet when the temperature is suitable. Just stick to 7 The corner kick can be eliminated easily. But keep in mind that both pepper and salt have a bactericidal effect, so friends who have ulcers on their feet should not use it.

Third: Leek

It is said that leek is not only a kidney-reinforcing effect, it is also extremely powerful for athlete's foot. Just prepare the leeks, chop them directly, put them in a basin, add boiling water and wait for cooling for half an hour.

The fourth type: soy

If you want to lose your athlete ’s foot, you can try soy beans. Prepare the beans directly, add water and cook for about half an hour. Turn off the heat, wait for the temperature to drop, and use it to soak your feet. Generally, you can see the effect in four days . In fact, beriberi is a negligible disease in many people's eyes. In fact, it can cause infections in other parts, such as onychomycosis or lymphangitis. Therefore, beriberi should be treated as soon as possible. I do n’t know. Friends can try the above several small tricks, they are all masters of beriberi.

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