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Four ways to prevent asthma in winter!
After the Laba is about to usher in the cold, this is the beginning of the coldest weather, many diseases have begun to break out, especially respiratory diseases are the most common, such as asthma. So how to prevent the emergence of asthma? In fact, doing the following things can reduce the incidence of disease.

Four ways to prevent asthma in winter!

First: prevention of colds

Colds are also very common in winter, especially the flu is most likely to break out. However, asthma is caused when the cold-riding treatment is not timely. Therefore, pay more attention to the prevention of colds in winter. It is suggested that friends can pay more attention to the changes in the weather and add clothing to avoid the attack of cold virus.

Second: more ventilation

In fact, most families are sealed in winter, but you must know that there is a lot of dust and hair and germs in life. Asthma is easy to break out if there is no ventilation, so no matter how cold the weather should be Have regular ventilation.

Third: diet

How to prevent asthma in the diet? In fact, some processed foods and high protein foods are the root cause of asthma, so you should eat less of these foods. You can eat more bananas, yam and lotus seeds.

Fourth: Multi-sport

We all know that friends who don't want to be infected by viruses or bacteria need to strengthen their immunity. Exercise is the most common. Exercise can improve the heart and lungs, accelerate blood circulation, and improve metabolism, so you can stay away from asthma, so you can usually choose to run, run, swim, or yoga.

Asthma is a very common disease in winter, and many friends are prone to outbreaks in the daily life, and the recurrence rate of this disease is extremely high, so it is recommended to prevent it early so as to quickly kill it in the cradle. Friends who want to prevent must first pay attention to the prevention of disease and diet, and usually exercise properly, I believe that asthma will not be so easy to get involved.

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