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Recommended method for women to adjust complexion!
Face complexion makes people look uncomfortable, and the whole person looks very unspirited. For women, not having a good complexion will affect their face value and reduce their charm. Therefore, women who love beauty will try to adjust their faces. So how to adjust the face color difference? Here will share with you a few ways to help women to adjust the face, everyone to refer to.

Recommended method for women to adjust complexion!

First, look pale

If you find that your face is blue, you can eat some sour foods, which can alleviate your situation. Among them, the common snacks often add sour substances and you can eat some. For example, raisins, dried hawthorn, dried lemon, and so on, you can eat some of these snacks. But don't eat too much, after all, it's a snack, not a main meal.

Second, the complexion is pale

Some women think that their faces are a little white and not so dark, they look better. Of course, that is limited to healthy white. If the white is no longer blood, but it looks sick, how can it look good? So when you find that your face is white, it is mostly blood deficiency. Yes, if you want to regulate this situation, you need to replenish qi and blood in time. Among them, qi and blood can be achieved through food therapy. For example, eat some spinach pork liver soup. This soup is made from pork liver and spinach. Both can be used to replenish blood. For people with pale faces, it has nourishing and Conditioning:

Prepare 250G spinach and 150G pork liver. Then rinse the pork liver, cut into thin slices after washing, and then spin up the spinach one by one to wash, so that the dirty things in the root gap can be washed away, and cut into sections after washing Already. After boiling the water, add a small amount of ginger to boil, pour the liver slices and boil again, then pour in the spinach and cook. Finally, when the pork liver slices are cooked, you can add salt to eat. This soup can be eaten with a meal. It is recommended to cook it with the main food during lunch or dinner.

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