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Five reasons for women's osteoporosis!
Middle-aged and elderly friends in life not only face the three highs, but also face osteoporosis. It is reported that the population of osteoporosis has been increasing in recent years, and most of them have been found to be advanced. Do you know what causes osteoporosis? In fact, most of them are caused by their own factors. Today, I will take everyone to look at the roots of osteoporosis in detail.

Five reasons for women's osteoporosis!

These reasons lead to the emergence of osteoporosis!

First: tobacco and alcohol

Nowadays, many women also like to smoke and drink very much. They do not know that these two substances can easily lead to the loss of bone calcium and cause osteoporosis.

Second: eat too much sweets

In fact, sweets are the favorite of most girls. They have no stomach to eat, but they have large-capacity sweets, especially chocolate. However, some substances in sweets can cause the absorption of calcium to be affected. Therefore, friends who like to eat sweets often have insufficient calcium.

Third: too much caffeine

What causes osteoporosis? Maybe you drank too much coffee, or maybe you drank too much tea. There is a lot of caffeine in both strong tea and coffee, and this substance affects the absorption of bone calcium, leading to the appearance of osteoporosis.

Fourth: the factor of estrogen

In fact, the appearance of osteoporosis is also related to menopause. Generally speaking, women will cause estrogen to be affected after menopause, so when the estrogen is insufficient, the absorption of calcium will be affected, and osteoporosis will naturally occur. Appeared.

Fifth: age

With the increase of age, the calcium in the body will begin to slowly lose, and the body's absorption of calcium in food will decrease, so it will easily cause the formation of osteoporosis.

In fact, the above are the main factors that lead to osteoporosis. In short, the decline in estrogen and the age are uncontrollable. The other causes are their own habits. Therefore, if you want to prevent osteoporosis, you should stay away from these. .

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