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Symptoms of gastritis and nursing skills!
Many friends in life don't know about the onset of gastrointestinal diseases, especially gastritis. Most of them are because they don't know the symptoms of gastritis, so they don't feel the disease. Today I will take everyone to understand the symptoms and treatment of gastritis.

Symptoms of gastritis and nursing skills!

First: pain

In fact, the most typical symptom of gastritis is pain. If your stomach is often painful, you are worried. However, the time and the degree of pain in the stomach are different from person to person. Some people may have pain before meals, and some people may have pain after meals or at midnight.

Second: bloating

In fact, there are a lot of people who often have bloating in life, and there are many reasons for bloating, so I don't know what caused it. In fact, your bloating may be caused by gastritis. Generally, patients with gastritis often have difficulty swallowing, flatulence, and poor appetite.

Third: reflux

What are the symptoms of gastritis? If you say you often have acid reflux, you need to be vigilant. Because the gastrointestinal function is abnormal when gastritis attacks, gastric acid secretion may be excessive, which leads to reflux. So pay more attention when you feel a heartburn.

Fourth: vomiting

In fact, the most common gastritis is nausea and vomiting, especially the chronic gastritis is the most typical.

Conditioning methods of gastritis;

First: keep warm

Gastritis friends should pay more attention to keep warm during treatment, because cold air invades the stomach and stomach will only aggravate the illness, so wear more clothes and pay more attention to the indoor temperature environment.

Treatment of gastritis

Second: diet

How should a gastritis patient eat? In fact, as long as you keep your meals regularly, chew for a while to facilitate fast digestion of the stomach. Keep away from cold foods and hard foods.

Third: Drugs

Drugs are also a form of care for gastritis. Patients can take some gastrointestinal drugs such as indomethacin, tetracycline and aspirin, etc. at the doctor's request.

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