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How to deal with chronic indigestion!
Many friends have indigestion after the Spring Festival. This is mainly caused by unreasonable diet. In fact, many office workers already have indigestion. What should we do? In fact, you can start with diet, etc., friends with indigestion may wish to change from here.

How to deal with chronic indigestion!

First: three meals fixed

Most indigestion friends are caused by irregular diet or overeating, so if you want to improve, you must eat regularly and quantitatively. First of all, stay away from breakfast and dinner. The principle of rich dinner is to be full at three meals. Eat regularly to avoid increasing the burden on the stomach.

Second: stay away from irritating food

We all know that digestive function needs to be in a normal working state to stimulate appetite, so as to achieve the effect of digesting food and protecting the stomach. Stimulant foods can cause gastrointestinal injuries and affect the digestive work of the stomach. Therefore, the medicine should be kept away from irritating foods such as strong tea and white wine.

Third: Massage conditioning

Indigestion means that there is a lot of food accumulation in the stomach. If you want to digest, you can choose massage to promote the peristalsis of the stomach and stimulate digestion. In general, Zusanli corresponds to the stomach and intestines, so Zusanli can be properly massaged to achieve the effect of improving the stomach and intestines.

Fourth: Multi-sport

Indigestion is due to the decline in gastrointestinal function, so as long as gastrointestinal peristalsis can speed up digestion. Exercise can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, so it is recommended that you can stand properly or walk around after meals. Of course, remember that after a meal, it is not suitable to exercise immediately, otherwise it will cause the stomach to sag.

In fact, indigestion often occurs in daily life, and most of them are caused by the burden on the stomach and intestines. In fact, it is extremely easy to improve. Generally speaking, the above methods can help improve, so when you have digestive problems, you can try the above methods, exercise more to adjust your diet.

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