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Three ways women can relieve eye fatigue!
The vacation has ended for a long time, many people have returned to work, and some female white-collar workers are estimated to have not adjusted back from their vacation status. As a result, when working, not only was drowsy, but his eyes quickly became tired. Xiao Bian reminded that facing the computer all day, the eyes are more likely to feel tired, so when your eyes appear fatigued, you should think about it as soon as possible, otherwise, the eyes are damaged, so how can female white-collar workers relieve eye fatigue? ?

Three ways women can relieve eye fatigue!

Method one, look more at green plants

Women's white-collar workers basically have to deal with computers and play with mobile phones in their spare time. It can be said that the eyes have not stopped from day to night, either looking at the computer screen or the mobile phone screen. Such eyes are particularly prone to fatigue. If you want to alleviate this state, it is recommended that female white-collar workers should look up through the window to see the green plants in the distance, which has the effect of alleviating visual fatigue.

Method two, blink more

Female white-collar workers, if you feel tired, you may want to remember to blink more, because there are research surfaces, the best number of normal blinks in a minute is 20 times, more blinks can help more Protect our eyes well, because this action can keep the cornea in a moist state. Therefore, when you have been looking at the computer for several hours without closing your eyes and taking a rest, you may wish to have more eyes.

Method three: hot pack

After returning home, the teenage white-collar workers returned to work hard because they were very busy. You have to know this computer for a day during the day, and if you look at it at night, your eyes will naturally become more tired. Therefore, it is recommended that before going to bed at night, you can put a towel in hot water, soak it for a while, remove it, wring it dry, and then fold it into small squares and put it on your eyes for several minutes. This will help relieve visual fatigue and help relieve eye pressure. Among them, the best time for hot pack is five to ten minutes, and it is recommended that female white-collar workers can try it.

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