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Hepatitis B patients should not stay up late smoking before going to bed!
Hepatitis B is a scary disease. Do you know how many hepatitis B patients are in our country? According to the data, there are about 100 million hepatitis B patients. It is most important for hepatitis B to control the disease and protect the liver, so some bad habits are not suitable for daily life, especially before bedtime. So what are hepatitis B patients unsuitable to do before going to bed?

Hepatitis B patients should not stay up late smoking before going to bed!

Hepatitis B should not have before going to bed.

First: It is not appropriate to stay up all night

Today, at least eight people out of ten people stay up late, and staying up late is very harmful to the body, not to mention hepatitis B patients with liver injury. Staying up late for hepatitis B patients can easily lead to active virus, and the condition of the liver is getting worse.

Second: smoking

Smoking is a habit of many people. If you only think that smoking hurts your lungs, you are wrong. Smoking also has certain harm to the liver, there are many harmful substances in the smoke, and the burden will increase after entering the liver. Therefore, hepatitis B patients are advised not to smoke before going to bed. The liver function is relatively weak and the burden is heavier before going to bed.

Third: high-fat diet

Many people have the habit of eating supper before going to bed, so the hepatitis B patient's diet is preferably a light diet, choose some protein or vitamin foods, remember not to eat high-fat foods, so high Fatty foods will increase the burden on the liver and even lead to the appearance of fatty liver, so do n’t eat it without supper.

Fourth: drinking

For patients with hepatitis B, drinking alcohol is the most likely to lead to worsening of the disease. Alcohol is extremely harmful to the liver. If hepatitis B patients insist on drinking before bedtime, then cirrhosis or liver cancer will soon come to your door.

For hepatitis B patients, it is not suitable to do these things before going to bed, otherwise it will affect sleep or even the illness. In fact, hepatitis B patients often experience insomnia and more dreams, so it is recommended that you can properly bubble feet or exercise before going to bed to create a low temperature for indoor patients, which is conducive to relaxation.

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