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Two ways to improve immunity during menstruation!
When women come to menstruate, the whole person will become emaciated and have no vitality at all. And if you accidentally catch a cold and catch a cold, this is because during the menstrual period, their immunity is relatively low and their ability to fight the virus is not so high. In this regard, women need to improve their immunity during the menstrual period in order not to get sick, so how to improve immunity during the menstrual period?

Two ways to improve immunity during menstruation!

How to improve immunity during menstruation?

First, keep warm for the body

Women during menstruation are afraid of cold and are more sensitive to cold stimuli. If your body is cold, it will only make your body weaker and your immunity lower. Therefore, at this time, you must keep warm for your body, especially the erratic weather in spring, when the sun and the rain will fall, and the temperature will fall, so remember to bring a jacket on your body. In this way, clothes can be protected from the cold without being frozen. Among them, if the women are still cold indoors, it is recommended to cover a warm and warm treasure to help warm the abdomen.

Second, rest more

Many women experience uncomfortable menstruation, such as lower abdominal pain, back pain, lower leg swelling and so on. These pains make it difficult for them to fall asleep at night. This will lead to insufficient sleep, and not to rest well, will naturally make women more uncomfortable. In this regard, it is recommended that women during menstruation, if they can't sleep at night, find time to make up the next day, for example, if they are really uncomfortable, take leave at home. Allow yourself a good night's sleep and relieve your body's fatigue. When your body has ample rest, you can strengthen your body's immunity.

In the menstrual period, in addition to keeping warm and resting in time, you need to exercise properly. Because exercise can enhance physical fitness and improve immunity. At that time, remember to exercise moderately. At this time, the body is relatively weak, and the lower body will discharge menstrual blood. If you exercise vigorously, you will cause excessive menstrual blood and make your body weaker. It is recommended to simply take a walk after eating and don't exercise too much.

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