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Why does eating too fast cause stomach problems?
Many friends are very fast in eating. The time for a meal ends in only five minutes, and some people even solve it in two minutes. Do you know? Eating too fast will affect the stomach and intestines, which will cause stomach problems. It is reported that more than 60% of friends have the fastest breakfast, followed by lunch. Almost 70% of my friends know that eating is harmful soon, but it is not why it causes stomach problems, so let ’s just talk about it today.

Why does eating too fast cause stomach problems?

Why does eating fast cause stomach problems?

When you want to quickly solve the problem of eating, it will cause the food to be eaten quickly whether it is cold or hot. Then hot food will not only cause injury to the esophagus, but also cause gastrointestinal irritation. Cold food will also cause gastrointestinal irritation, which will cause stomach problems.

When your food is swallowed without biting it after entering your mouth, it can cause an abnormal digestive response. You need to know that when you chew, your brain and stomach will respond to the corresponding signals, and eating too fast will cause this process to be disrupted. Then indigestion will occur.

When you eat too fast, saliva can't digest some harmful substances, then after entering the stomach, it will cause various discomforts in the stomach, and in the long term, it will cause disease.

When you eat too fast, it ’s easy to get too full, then you have stomach trouble. Because eating too much will increase the burden on the stomach and stomach, which can easily lead to indigestion. Moreover, over a long period of time, it will cause excessive secretion of gastric juice, affect the gastric mucosa, and eventually lead to the emergence of gastrointestinal diseases.

So why do many friends who eat fast often suffer from stomach problems? Nowadays, the number of people with gastrointestinal diseases is constantly increasing. This has a great relationship with diet. Fast eating is just one of them. I want to say that if you want to reduce time to eat, you are actually overdrawing your health, so friends who eat too fast may wish to chew well. Not only can you reduce the incidence of disease, but you can also carefully taste the delicious food.

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