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Why does my stomach hurt after swimming?
Swimming is a relatively common sport. Many women like swimming very much. It can not only exercise the heart and lungs, but also shape. However, many friends find that stomach pain often occurs after swimming. So what's going on? Why do you still have stomach pain when swimming? Let's take a closer look today.

Why does my stomach hurt when swimming?

Why does my stomach hurt after swimming?

These reasons cause stomach pain after swimming!

First: cold stimulation

In fact, we all know that the water temperature for swimming is not very high, and it can even be a bit cold. Then when you go into the water, the stomach and the stomach will be stimulated by cold, which will cause the gastrointestinal motility to change. This will make it easy to eat chickens and nerves and cause stomach pain.

Second: No warm-up

In fact, 90% of people know that exercise requires warming up, but most people simply ignore warming up. When you are swimming, because your body is not warmed up enough, your organs cannot adapt to the water pressure early, which will cause stomach pain. So pay more attention to proper warm-up and open your body.

Third: Heart Function

We all know that swimming can help exercise cardiopulmonary function, but friends with weak heart function may cause blood backflow because they cannot keep up with the rhythm of exercise, which will cause liver and splenomegaly and cause stomach pain. .

Fourth: diet

Many women will eat a full meal before swimming to ensure sufficient physical strength. However, after you eat, your stomach needs a lot of blood to promote digestion. At this time, if you swim, blood will flow to various organs, and the digestive strength of your stomach will The drop, coupled with water pressure, caused the abdomen to be oppressed. So friends who swim have either a stomachache or vomiting.

The above are the common reasons for stomach pain after swimming. I want to say that swimming is a physical exercise, but you must also learn to swim healthy, otherwise you will only hurt yourself in the end. The reason is to keep in mind, be sure to stay away from swimming.

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