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Don't eat four foods on an empty stomach!
When there is always hunger in life, many friends will just take some food to pad their stomachs because they have not yet reached the meal. However, some foods are not suitable for fasting. Once consumed, it may cause abdominal distension and abdominal pain. Something went wrong. So do you know which foods are not suitable for fasting? Share a few common today.

Don't eat four foods on an empty stomach!

What can't I eat on an empty stomach?

The first: hawthorn

Hawthorn is a common appetizing food, and many friends eat it as snacks. However, the reason why hawthorn has appetizing and digestive effects is mainly because the organic acids it contains, or maslinic acid and fruit acids, will directly affect gastric acid, which can easily lead to excessive secretion of gastric acid. The gastric mucosa can cause great damage, and not only bloating can cause stomach attacks.

The second: pineapple

The sweet and sour taste of pineapple makes many girls like it very much, but this food is only suitable for eating after meals. Therefore, it contains a lot of proteolytic enzymes. Once eaten on an empty stomach, it will cause stomach injury. Therefore, it is not suitable to eat pineapple on an empty stomach.

Third: Persimmon

In daily life, many friends know that fasting is not suitable for eating persimmons, because there is a lot of gastric acid in the stomach when fasting, and persimmons have pectin and gum, and these substances will react with gastric acid , Resulting in symptoms such as nausea, stomach ulcers or stomach bleeding.

Fourth: Orange

Which foods are not suitable for fasting? Oranges are definitely a type. You must know that there are many organic acids and sugars in oranges. These substances can stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause excessive secretion of gastric acid. Therefore, eating oranges on an empty stomach will cause pantothenic acid and stomach tightness.

The above foods are not suitable for fasting. Therefore, when you treat these foods as snacks, you should replace them in time. The nutrition contained in them will hurt the stomach and cause some symptoms. keep away.

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