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Can soy milk be eaten with eggs or milk?
Soy milk is undoubtedly a must-have in traditional breakfasts in many parts of China. Speaking of soy milk, there are a lot of controversies about eggs and milk. Can soy milk and eggs be eaten together? Can soy milk replace milk? I believe many people are pursuing these answers, so today I will help you in detail. Analysis, so that you have an answer in your heart.

Can soy milk be eaten with eggs or milk?

Can soybean milk be eaten with eggs?

Soy milk and eggs are the breakfast choices of many people, so can the two be eaten together? I have heard before that when soy milk and eggs enter the stomach together with eggs, they will affect each other, leading to the destruction of nutritional value and reducing the body's nutritional status. Absorption. In fact, this statement is wrong. This is because the anti-nutritional factors of soybean milk cause the protein to deform and affect the absorption. However, when the soy milk is cooked, these so-called anti-nutritional factors have been destroyed, so eggs and milk can be eaten together. of.

Many friends think that soy milk and milk are high-nutrition drinks, so they can be replaced or drink at the same time. In fact, the most calcium in milk nutrition is calcium, and there are vitamins and fatty acids and cholesterol, while soy milk also has calcium and potassium and magnesium and vitamin K. From the nutrition point of view, there are many different nutrients in the two, so they can play a complementary effect, so they can drink together.

Is soy milk soy milk?

Many friends do not like to make soy milk in person or go out to buy soy milk, so they will choose soy milk on the market. The editor wanted to say that some soy milk is not actually soy milk, some are pure soy milk, some are added milk powder, etc., so if you want nutrition, choose soy milk.

In fact, the nutrition of soy milk is very high, can you eat it with eggs? In fact, you don't need to worry, you can mix soy milk with eggs every morning, of course, some fruits and vegetables and cereals also need to be matched.

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