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Why can't a person be aborted when a woman has gynecological inflammation?
For women, it is very important to prevent disease, because physical health can lead a happy life, otherwise they will always be tortured by the disease and will be suffering every day. Among them, gynecological inflammation is common to many women. If you are eyeed, treat it as soon as possible. If you are pregnant at this time, treat it first and then stop it. So why can't you suffer from gynecological inflammation? Follow Xiaobian to see.

Why can't a person be aborted when a woman has gynecological inflammation?

Why can't you have abortion due to gynecological inflammation?

That ’s because if you have abortion when you have gynecological inflammation, it is likely to cause a wider range of inflammation, such as endometritis. Patients may have abdominal pain and high fever, and they may endanger them if they are not careful. life. Especially when doing painless abortion, it is necessary to enter the vagina and cervical into the uterine cavity through surgical instruments. This process dilates the cervical canal and intracervix, making it easier for bacteria to infect other organs.

Gynecological inflammation can not be aborted?

And when bacteria attach to surgical instruments, they can directly enter the uterine cavity, causing infection. So, when you suffer from gynecological inflammation, you accidentally become pregnant. If you don't want it, please cure the gynecological inflammation before you abort. If you are not in a hurry to do a flow of people, be sure to consult a doctor, be a flow of people under the guidance of a doctor, and go to a regular hospital, because the doctors here are more professional, more complete, and more secure for your health.

Flow of people gynecological inflammation?

In addition, the editor reminded that gynecological inflammation is not big and small, and if it is not cured in time, the damage to the body will be particularly large. Therefore, be sure to take preventive measures, such as washing the genitals with cleansing every day to avoid vaginal secretions, urine, sweat and other large amounts of adhesion to the genital skin, increasing the chance of infection. For example, you need to change your underwear in time, and you need cotton underwear with good breathability. For example, you should eat some garlic properly because it contains allicin, which has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Therefore, when cooking dishes, you may wish to add some garlic to cook together and eat it together to help the body sterilize and prevent gynecological inflammation.

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