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How long can I eat fruit after a meal?
Do you have the habit of eating fruits? Many people usually eat fruits, some people like to eat before meals, and some people like to eat after meals. Then you know how long you can eat fruit after a meal? Which fruits are suitable for eating? Friends who want to know may wish to learn some.

How long can I eat fruit after a meal?

It is best to eat fruit at this time after a meal.

In daily life, many people think that eating fruit after a meal can easily cause flatulence and hurt the stomach, so it is not suitable for eating. In fact, if you want to eat fruit after a meal, it is good to see the time. Fruits are sour, sweet and even sour. Their nutrition is very high, and most people will eat fruit immediately after eating. In fact, it is not suitable for eating fruit immediately after a meal. How long can I eat it? Xiaobian recommends two to three hours after a meal, because the fruit will also feel full, eating immediately after a meal may cause flatulence, or affect the nutritional absorption of food and fruits. The food has not been digested for three hours, and fruit is suitable for this time.

These fruits are good to eat after meals!

First: grapefruit

Friends who don't know what fruit to eat after meals can choose to eat grapefruit. Grapefruit can not only nourish the blood and strengthen the stomach, but also lower blood pressure and prevent cerebral thrombosis.

Second: Kiwi

If you say you have too much protein, you can eat kiwi properly after a meal. Kiwi contains an enzyme that can directly break down the amino acids of food proteins, which is beneficial to the body's accelerated absorption.

Third: Apple

Eating apples after meals is the choice of most people. Apples are highly nutritious, and the dietary fiber contained in them can help regulate the function of the stomach and intestines and help improve constipation.

In fact, eating fruit after a meal is a habit developed by most people, but Xiaobian reminded that it is best not to eat fruit immediately after eating. Once you are too full, eating fruit immediately will easily cause flatulence, and the stomach is extremely Uncomfortable, so you should wait two hours after meals to eat fruit, which also helps the digestion of food in the stomach.

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