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What is the reason for blushing when drinking?
I believe that many friends at various wine tables have encountered people who drink blush, then do you know how to drink blush? Many people say that people who drink and blush are super able to drink. Today I will take you to find out.

What is the reason for blushing when drinking?

What's the matter with drinking blush?

Why does someone drink a glass or a bottle of wine can cause a flushed face? In fact, it may be because of acetaldehyde. When we drink alcohol, it leads to the direct conversion of ethanol to acetaldehyde. And acetaldehyde is not good for the body. When there is too much acetaldehyde in the body, it will cause blushing or red spots.

Drinking blush may also be caused by liver problems, we all need the liver to break down alcohol when drinking. If there is an abnormality in the function of the liver, the detoxification effect will be weak, and the alcohol cannot be fully absorbed, which will lead to flushing or purpleness when drinking.

What to do when drinking blush?

The difference between drinking blushing and drinking blushing.

In fact, both are extremely bad performances. Blushing friends do n’t hurt the liver very much, and they can rest a hundred times when they are sleepy, while white-faced people may accumulate alcohol due to the lack of active enzymes, causing Liver injury or the appearance of alcoholic liver, so whether you are blushing or blushing should drink less.

Friends who drink blush can eat more fruits. Some fruits have a lot of fructose, and fructose can help oxidize ethanol and accelerate the metabolism of ethanol. For example, sweet persimmon.

Drinking blush should eat more green leafy vegetables. The antioxidants and vitamins in these foods can protect the liver and prevent liver injury. So you can eat more of these foods.

In fact, what is the reason for drinking and flushing? Either there is too much acetaldehyde in the body, or the liver is abnormally unable to break down alcohol. I would like to say that friends who drink blushers usually do not drink the best. Once they drink it, you can try the above relief methods.

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