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How to prevent new coronavirus pneumonia?
The new type of coronavirus pneumonia is a new disease. At present, a large number of excellent doctors and virus experts gather in Wuhan to fight the virus, suppress the epidemic, and strive to develop and treat drugs as soon as possible. For ordinary people who are not doctors, what can be done is to take preventive measures according to the suggestions made by experts. So how to prevent the new type of coronavirus pneumonia? Please read the text for details.

How to prevent new coronavirus pneumonia?

How to prevent new coronavirus pneumonia?

I. Reduction to crowded public places

This new disease has entered the stage of human-to-human transmission. In order to reduce the transmission speed of the virus, it is recommended to reduce it to crowded public places, especially places with poor air mobility. Because you can't predict whether people in public places are infected with the virus, and if there is, it will be more likely to be infected in places where the air mobility is not good. Therefore, please do not go to public places such as exhibition halls, airports, shopping malls, hot springs, KTVs, cinemas, public baths, etc. It is best to stay at home.

If you have to go out and have reasons to go out, such as going out to buy food, rice, etc., then you must wear a mask. Because the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia disease can be transmitted through droplets. Wearing a mask can cover your nose and mouth, preventing transmission. Especially those who need to travel by bus or subway, such transportation must wear medical surgical masks. Without these masks, ordinary masks have a certain preventive effect and can be worn.

Second, maintain good hygiene habits

If you want to prevent the virus, you need to maintain good hygienic habits, because if the hygiene is too poor, it will cause the virus to spread faster. In this regard, we recommend that you do the following: For example, when you stay at home, open more windows to ventilate, to help exchange the turbid air in the room, and let fresh air enter the room. For example, when not spitting or secretions appearing in the nose and mouth, remember to wrap them in a paper towel and put them in a covered trash can to reduce the possibility of infection.

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