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Explain the correct prevention method of new coronavirus!
The new coronavirus has entered its peak period. At this time, care must be taken to avoid being infected and causing great harm to one's health. At the same time, people with similar illnesses should also take measures to prevent infection. So how can the new coronavirus be prevented? Don't worry, take a quick look at ways to prevent the new coronavirus.

Explain the correct prevention method of new coronavirus!

How can new coronaviruses be prevented?

First, take public transportation correctly

Although it is forbidden to gather people now and ask people not to go out as much as possible, there are always some who can't bear it and cannot stay at home and want to go out. However, when going out, it is inevitable to take public transportation. Experts suggest that in this special period, when you use public transportation, wear a mask and wash your hands after returning home.

When you are on public transportation, if you have respiratory symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, etc., you should cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your own clothes. This is a kind of protection for others. A literacy, a requirement for respiratory hygiene. Therefore, you must do these things when you go out to take public transportation.

Second, do personal protection

Experts say that if they want to avoid being caught by the new coronavirus, they must protect themselves. For example, to reduce the chance of contact, that is to say to reduce going out, if you can not go out, do not go out, let alone go to areas with severe epidemics (such as Wuhan). For example, to do a good job of blocking measures, what can be done at present is to ventilate frequently. In the morning and evening, open the doors and windows to ventilate for hours, and perform some disinfection. Of course, I want to emphasize that disinfection is mainly to prevent indirect transmission, such as contact environment, hand pollution, and so on. For example, you must wear a mask when going out. If you are separated from your family at home, wear a mask to prevent cross-infection between family members.

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