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How does the elderly prevent new pneumonia?
Older people are weaker and more vulnerable to viruses. Pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus is most likely to find those with weak resistance. Therefore, the elderly must take precautionary measures. Both the elderly and their families must take preventive and control measures. For stubborn and uncooperative elderly people, multiple persuasion is needed. So how do the elderly prevent new pneumonia? Here we will share guidelines for prevention and control of the elderly. The elderly or people with elderly at home should take a closer look.

How does the elderly prevent new pneumonia?

How does the elderly prevent new pneumonia?

First, ensure that you have control measures

The elderly must be ensured that they have personal protective measures, hygiene and health habits to prevent pneumonia from new coronavirus infections, as well as hygiene requirements for their hands. At the same time, remember to avoid sharing personal items with others, even relatives; remember to ventilate the room and implement disinfection measures. Advocate the elderly to develop a good habit of washing their hands frequently. For more stubborn elderly people, their families should supervise.

Second, timely measures should be taken when symptoms of the disease occur

If an elderly person is found to have suspicious conditions such as fever, sore throat, fatigue, cough, chest tightness, nausea and vomiting, dyspnea, muscle aches, diarrhea, etc., he must be isolated from himself and avoid close contact with him. Urge him to put on a mask. Relatives living with the elderly must also wear a mask to prevent accidents.

If the situation is serious, don't delay, don't be afraid. You or your family should dial 120 in time to tell the truth. The medical staff then evaluates their health status and sends them to a medical institution for treatment based on the condition. Among them, if they are taken to the hospital by their family members, please avoid public transportation as much as possible, and you must wear a mask during the journey. After going to the doctor, face masks can not be taken off during the Q & A process by the medical staff.

This time, people with elderly people must look after the elderly. Because some elderly people are not accustomed to their homes, and they do not understand the epidemic situation, it is easy to sneak out. This will increase the risk of infection, so it is important to look after the elderly.

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