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How can children prevent new pneumonia?
Children's physical development is not perfect, so they cannot play their best physical functions. Therefore, their immunity is not as high as that of adults. Such conditions make them very susceptible to illness. Now that new pneumonia is spreading, for the health of their children, parents must take precautionary measures for their children. So how do children prevent new pneumonia? Here are a few precautionary measures that I recommend to learn about.

How can children prevent new pneumonia?

How to prevent new pneumonia in children?

First, reduce intimate contact

People who are not infected today are required to isolate themselves at home to help prevent new pneumonia. In this way, parents spend more time with their children. For the sake of health, parents should reduce intimate contact with their children, such as not kissing the child's face, and not mouth-to-mouth kissing; for example, not breathing or exhaling at the child; for example, when feeding the child, do not Blow your mouth to cool the food. Because of these behaviors, they can bring bacteria to children.

Second, develop good habits

Some children are very naughty and have a lot of bad habits, such as playing in the middle of the night and not sleeping, such as eating and washing their hands, such as sucking their fingers and so on. These bad habits can cause many germs to invade the body and endanger children's health. Therefore, parents should urge the children's behavior, and when bad behaviors occur, stop them in time and help them to correct them. For example, teach children to go to bed early and get up early, and wash their hands carefully before and after meals and before and after meals.

Exercise with children

Life is good, and children have a lot of entertainment measures, such as watching TV, such as playing mobile phones, etc. These are not particularly good. Now everyone is at home all day long. It is estimated that parents eat and sleep, and sleep and eat, even with their children. Keep in mind that more exercise will allow the blood to flow smoothly and your body's immunity will increase. Therefore, parents can lead their children to play games at home, such as playing eagles to catch chicks. In this way, both parents and children can be active, thereby helping to increase the child's resistance.

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