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You suspect you have contracted a new type of pneumonia.
This Spring Festival will surely be remembered and deeply imprinted in our hearts. This is because of the emergence of pneumonitis infected by a new type of coronavirus. The number of infected people has now passed, and it will continue to grow afterwards. At this time, many people are worried that they will be infected, so some people ask what to do if they are infected with the new type of pneumonia. Don't worry, please be sure to treat this problem rationally, and I suggest you follow the suggestions below.

You suspect you have contracted a new type of pneumonia.

What to do if you suspect you have new pneumonia

Please keep in mind that you should not take your own medicine according to the online advice, or when you have fever and other symptoms, carry it on your own and do not go to the hospital for treatment. Keep in mind that if you find a discomfort and do not seek medical treatment in a timely manner, it is easy to delay the illness, no matter what kind of disease, you can not take a ignorant attitude. On the contrary, whether it is new pneumonia or not, you should seek medical treatment in time to determine whether you have been infected. If not, rest assured, and if so, cooperate with the doctor. Because the disease is curable, don't panic too much.

When you have symptoms such as fever and cough, it is recommended that you go to the hospital in time to ask the doctor for correct diagnosis and treatment. For example, there are fever clinics in second-level hospitals. Even in ordinary outpatient clinics, there will be professional medical staff to take the body temperature. When the patient's temperature is found to be elevated, he will be prompted to wear a mask and guide him to Send a fever clinic for investigation. If other diseases are clearly ruled out, if they are highly suspected, they will be isolated and observed, and laboratory tests will be used to make a clear diagnosis.

Experts said that when going to the doctor, they need to tell the truth about the illness and the process of visiting the doctor, especially the doctor's recent travel and living history in Wuhan, or the patients with pneumonia and suspected patients. And in the process of medical treatment, you must wear surgical masks in order to protect the health of yourself and others.

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