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Three reasons why women stay up late easily get acne!
Many friends in life will have acne, especially when staying up late are most prone to acne. Do you know why staying up late is prone to acne? Today, I will take everyone to understand and understand, so that you can quickly find out the cause of your acne.

Three reasons why women stay up late easily get acne!

First: endocrine factors

In fact, female friends who often stay up late are prone to abnormalities in endocrine. When you are too stressed, staying up late for a long time will lead to excessive liver fire, then the endocrine will start to become imbalanced, and acne will become entangled.

Second: pore factor

People who often stay up all night will find their faces extremely greasy, especially after staying up all night, they feel a layer of oil applied. In fact, this is the secretion of oil. If you say that your oil is secreted too much, it can easily lead to pore clogging and lead to acne. There are also some people who choose to use cosmetics to maintain their skin when staying up all night, so choosing the wrong cosmetics can also cause pores to become clogged, which can lead to acne .

Third: dietary factors

Why do you stay up all night getting acne? It also has something to do with your diet. You should know that acne is easy to appear when it is often fried and greasy. And the diet after staying up late is basically high-calorie barbecue foods, such as spicy food or fried chicken beer, etc. These are also the main factors that cause acne, so the supper that you eat when you stay up late is Helps acne growth.

In fact, the appearance of acne can cause many women to be extremely upset, so it is recommended to stay up late. The above are the main factors that cause acne after staying up late. It is recommended to pay attention to stay away from high -calorie junk food when staying up late, such as various fried chicken or skewers, etc. It is recommended that the diet be mainly light Oh. Before and after staying up late, do a good job of cleaning the skin. Use a mask to maintain the skin. Finally, I reminded that staying up late is not the best choice. Sleeping regularly is the king.

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