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Why do people with diabetes have to lose weight?
There are many diabetic patients in life, and most patients will be warned by doctors to lose weight. Do you know why people with diabetes want to lose weight? In fact, it is related to factors such as insulin, blood sugar, and blood lipids, and these factors are closely related to diabetes. So today I will simply explain the reasons for some diabetic patients to lose weight.

Why do people with diabetes have to lose weight?

First: reduce joint tolerance

In fact, we all know that people with diabetes will not be very flexible. If you add obesity, the joint capacity will be greatly increased. When you take a step, the joint will be under great pressure. It's easy to cause joint abnormalities when grown, so it is necessary to reduce weight properly and reduce joint stress.

Second: affect insulin

We all know that insulin is closely related to diabetes, and obesity will affect insulin. When the body weight soars, it will lead to a decrease in insulin sensitivity. So even if there is medical treatment, the control of blood sugar will fluctuate too much, so it is necessary to lose weight appropriately, when the weight slowly decreases Increasing insulin sensitivity reduces resistance.

Third: factors of blood sugar

Why lose weight? Because blood sugar is extremely unstable. You should know that obese friends with diabetes often have extremely high blood sugar. When blood sugar soars, it will increase the burden on the organs and increase the pressure on the body. Therefore, learn to lose weight. When you lose weight, blood sugar will stabilize, and blood sugar will not come to you.

Fourth: blood lipids

Obesity also affects blood lipids. Think about why people with diabetes need a light diet? It is to reduce blood lipids and avoid various complications. When the weight slowly decreases, blood lipids will be effectively reduced, such as cholesterol, so pay more attention to weight loss.

Many sugar friends do not understand why they want to lose weight, so I want to say that after you read the above reasons, you will slowly start a weight loss program.

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