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New crown virus is not afraid of the heat! Not safe even in summer! Knowing prevention is the safest!
With the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, cases have appeared in many areas and many people are extremely scared. Therefore, there are rumors on the Internet that low-temperature killing the virus or heat-dead virus. What do you believe about the virus and temperature? In fact, the new coronavirus is not afraid of the heat. Let's simply understand what experts say.

New crown virus is not afraid of the heat! Not safe even in summer! Knowing prevention is the safest!

Recently, the outbreak of new viruses has dropped significantly. There have been zero confirmed cases in many areas, and the number of confirmed cases nationwide has also dropped significantly. However, remember that the epidemic is not over and you need to stay at home . In the past, there was a statement on the Internet that the new crown virus is prone to death in tropical climates. This statement has also been reproduced 10,000 times. So, is there any basis for this statement? Experts from the Philippines branch of the World Health Organization have answered this question. Experts said that the new type of coronavirus pneumonia can also be transmitted in hot and humid weather.

This shows that the sauna fever death virus is a rumor that this virus is not afraid of heat. It is also effective in hot, humid, and dry conditions. This is also the reason why outbreaks occur in many places across the country.

Although there is a clear downward trend in the current epidemic situation, do not take it lightly. The more you work harder in the end, protecting yourself is the biggest contribution to the country. So in the face of the new coronavirus, we must learn to prevent it.

This will prevent new pneumonia:

First: immunity

In fact, it is extremely important to improve your own immunity. You must know that most of the dead viruses diagnosed are weak in immunity, so it is extremely important to improve your own immunity. So how to improve your own immunity? Start with diet and exercise.

Diet: In the diet, friends can choose to eat more vitamins and protein foods, such as eggs, beef and cherries, oranges and apples, etc. Remember to stay away from all kinds of greasy and high-fat foods.

Exercise: Many people use laziness or have no time to refuse exercise. In fact, exercise can not only help to change body shape, but also help improve the physical fitness of the body, so that you have more powerful capital against various viruses.

Second: personal hygiene

We all know that the new type of coronavirus pneumonia is transmitted through saliva, so we need to pay more attention to hygienic work for the parts that often come into contact with public areas. It is recommended to wear medical-grade masks when going out and wash hands after touching objects When you go home, you can use alcohol to disinfect.

In fact, the current control trend of new coronaviruses is very good. If you continue to isolate 2B people for a while, there will be nowhere to hide the virus disease.

You need to know that the new crown virus is not afraid of the heat. Do not go to high temperature sterilization to prevent the virus. It is most important to do the above prevention methods.

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