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Having a headache after drinking, can I drink tea to ease it?
China's drinking culture has a long history. Not drinking now may affect your communication. You must know that working parties and social entertainment are inevitable. However, some people do not control their drinking and often cause headaches, hangovers, or vomiting. So what about headaches after drinking? Many people think that drinking tea can alleviate it. Is that really the case? Let's go and see how to relieve headaches after drinking.

Having a headache after drinking, can I drink tea to ease it?

Can I drink strong tea with a headache after drinking?

Many friends are asking why headaches can occur after the season? In fact, it is mainly because the body's metabolism of alcohol, slow metabolism can cause headaches. Is it possible to drink tea after drinking pain? In fact, it is not suitable, especially strong tea. You should know that the nerves are already excited after drinking, and there are many theophylline and caffeine in tea. Both of these substances can stimulate the great nerves. Therefore, drinking tea once drinking will only cause more serious and hurt the gastric mucosa. Therefore, it is best not to drink tea for pain after drinking.

What should I do if I have a headache after drinking?

First: drink some milk

In fact, we all know that milk protects the stomach, so friends who have headaches after drinking can appropriately drink milk to reduce the absorption of alcohol in the stomach and stomach, which can appropriately reduce pain.

Second: Massage

In fact, you can try Chinese medicine massage for headaches. You must know that some acupoints are for brain health, so you can try massage to improve headaches. It is recommended to massage the temple, press the index finger directly on the acupoint and gently massage, or directly use the fist to massage back and forth between the temple and the hairline. After the massage you will find effective pain relief.

Third: Rice soup

What should I do if I have a headache after drinking? You can drink rice soup appropriately. There are many sugars and B vitamins in rice soup, which has the effect of sobering up. Taking a little sugar can reduce the pain.

In fact, friends who have pain after drinking should remember not to drink tea or coffee, you can try to drink rice soup or milk or let people massage to massage the temples to improve.

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