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Is temperature measured at 37.2 degrees under the arm?
Recently, due to the epidemic situation, many friends need to take body temperature every day, even when they go to attractions or take a car. So how many degrees is normal for the human body? Fever is 37.2 degrees under the armpit? Today I will take everyone to understand those things about body temperature.

Is temperature measured at 37.2 degrees under the arm?

Is a fever at 37.2 degrees below the armpit?

Recently, the editor found that many people are required to measure the temperature of the wok 37 degrees again when measuring body temperature, or are forbidden to travel, so many people are asking whether the underarm 37.2 counts as a fever. In fact, from the definition of body temperature, The problems in different parts are different. It is normal for the underarms to be between 36-37 degrees, but because daily body temperature fluctuates, 37.2 is not a fever. Generally, it is a fever that exceeds 37.5. Therefore, when your armpit temperature is below 37.5, it does not belong to a fever if it does not continue to rise.

With the development of technology, measuring body temperature is not only the underarm, but also the forehead. So does forehead 37.2 count as a fever? Its physical temperature is generally relatively stable, and the standard body temperature of some people may be lower than 36.2 or higher than 37.3. So this temperature is also a relatively normal situation. Of course, you should pay more attention to observation, but the temperature continues to rise, which indicates that the card can be feverish.

In the end, I want to say that everyone's physique is different, and factors such as exercise will cause the body temperature to rise slightly. Therefore, many people count 36-37 degrees as belonging to the normal body temperature range, and 37.2 degrees is already a fever. Of course, it depends on the situation, just like exercise will also lead to temperature rise, and the standard body temperature also fluctuates, so 37.2 sometimes whether it is a fever, or it may be a low fever, in short, pay more attention to observation, once there are accompanying symptoms in Coupled with the temperature rise, it can basically be diagnosed as a fever.

Today, during the epidemic, many people can panic when the temperature exceeds 37 degrees. In fact, the editor wants to say that it is basically not a fever without exceeding 37.3 degrees.

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