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Why can't a woman wear a bra to sleep?
Women know that when you sleep, you have to take off your bra. Without the comfort of the bra, the whole person will be much easier. But many people know that they should do this, but they do n’t know the reason. Therefore, they are full of doubts—why ca n’t a woman wear a bra to sleep? If you want to take better care of your body, you might as well learn about it so that you can better take care of your breasts.

Why can't a woman wear a bra to sleep?

Why can't a woman wear a bra to sleep?

First, affect sleep

If you wear a bra while sleeping at night, it can easily cause discomfort and affect sleep quality. Because when the body is uncomfortable, people will feel irritable, restless, etc. This has a great impact on sleep. Poor sleep quality means that there is not enough sleep time. After a long time, the burden on the body will increase, which will damage the overall health.

Second, more susceptible to cancer

Breast cancer is terrible. If it is not treated in time, it will only have a dead end if it progresses to the later stage. Even if both breasts are removed, once the cancer cells have metastasized, they will spread to the whole body, and the end result is death. If you wear a tight bra when you go to bed at night, it will compress the breasts, affect the breasts, and increase the probability of breast cancer. Especially bras with underwires, but you must put an end to them and never wear them.

Third, fungi are easier to reproduce

The most suitable environment for fungi is warm and humid. If you wear a bra to sleep at night, it will wrap the breasts tightly. The body temperature will also rise. Once sweating, the breasts wrapped in the bra will sink into a humid and sultry environment. In this case, fungi can easily breed, and if they reproduce too much, they will invade the breasts and cause breast health damage. For example, it causes breast allergies, itching, and even redness. Therefore, when sleeping at night, it is not suitable to wear a bra.

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