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Does kissing and kissing an AIDS person spread the virus?
AIDS is a disease that people will be scared of when they talk about it. The infection rate of this disease is very high and has been rising in recent years. So many people are worried about being infected. So how does AIDS spread? Will kissing and kissing become a member of AIDS? Take these questions to understand.

Does kissing and kissing an AIDS person spread the virus?

Does kissing spread AIDS?

Many netizens are asking when kissing and kissing an AIDS patient. Will they be entangled with HIV? In fact, HIV cannot be transmitted through saliva, so how to kiss will not cause infection. Unless there is a problem with the mouth, if the mouth is damaged during kissing, such as rupture or ulcers, then this may cause blood transmission and cause infection.

How is AIDS spread?

Number one: sexual transmission

Many people don't know how AIDS is transmitted, in fact AIDS can be transmitted through sex. Having sex with a patient can cause a vaginal virus infection. It is reported that sexual transmission is the main mode of infection, and Qicheng is homosexual.

Second: blood transmission

What else can AIDS spread through? Blood is also a means of transmission. There is a large amount of HIV in the patient's blood, and it may cause infection when contacted with the patient's blood, so be careful when eating medical appliances, and pay more attention to disinfection.

Third: vertical transmission

The last form of transmission of AIDS is vertical transmission from mother to child. Some directly spread vertically during pregnancy, and some are due to the spread of the virus by the emulsion. However, taking measures during pregnancy can reduce the risk of fetal infections.

In fact, AIDS is terrible to say. But the transmission channels are limited. They usually do a good job in the hygiene and safety of sex life, disinfection and use of medical equipment, and the best anti-virus work before pregnancy. Then AIDS will not be transmitted to others. Therefore, it is recommended not to discriminate against AIDS, and to give some care.

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