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Wearing masks, glasses, and fog to alleviate facial allergies!
With the resumption of work, because of the epidemic situation, it is basically necessary to wear a mask to work, and many people are complaining that the mask is extremely uncomfortable for a long time. Frequent fogging of glasses, redness of facial allergies, and ear pain, etc. Wait, how should the discomfort caused by wearing a mask be alleviated? Here are some simple tips for everyone.

Wearing masks, glasses, and fog to alleviate facial allergies!

What to do if you wear a mask and glasses to fog?

For people with shortsightedness, masks can cause inhalation to go upwards and cause the glasses to be filled with white mist, which seriously affects vision. In fact, you can wear the mask tightly, especially the N95 mask. You can press the metal strip of the mask tightly so that it will not fog up. You can also take out a piece of paper, fold it in half, then fold it in half on the mask and put it on again. This will increase the seal and prevent fogging.

What should I do if I have allergic redness when wearing a mask?

During the resumption of work, the mask has been worn for at least seven or eight hours, so some people will have skin problems, such as allergies or redness and itching. Then it is recommended to check whether your mask is qualified and then used. Disable if not qualified. If itching appears red, you can try some hormonal plasters.

What to do if I wear acne with a mask?

Wearing a mask for a long time can cause acne or aggravation of acne, because closed and inhaling and exhaling can easily cause a humid environment and easily cause acne. But when you have acne, don't panic, pay attention to the cleansing of your face, ensure your own sleep, and then eat a light diet away from spicy food, your acne will soon disappear.

What to do with ear pain when wearing a mask?

Wearing a mask for a long time can easily cause ear pain, so how to relieve it? In fact, you can choose to have a handle, such as the handle of a milk carton. Use the handles instead of the ears to avoid them.

In fact, wearing a mask for a long time will cause fogging of glasses or facial allergies and acne. However, I would like to say that during the epidemic, masks still need to be paid attention to for their own and surrounding health. Once the above symptoms occur, Try some easing tips.

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