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Do pregnant women eat instant noodles cause fetal malformations?
Instant noodles are a common food, especially during the outbreak. And we all know that instant noodles are not high in nutrition and will affect the body, because many people think that pregnant women cannot eat them, which may cause deformities. Then, can pregnant women eat instant noodles? Let's talk briefly today.

Do pregnant women eat instant noodles cause fetal malformations?

Can pregnant women eat instant noodles?

Some netizens on the Internet said that they could not help eating instant noodles during the 5th month of pregnancy, and they were worried that they would affect the development of the fetus to some extent. In fact, don't worry, instant noodles can be eaten properly without affecting the fetus. Especially when hungry. Although the nutritional value of instant noodles is not very high, they are still edible. But remember to eat with caution, remember not to eat for a long time.

Injuries that pregnant women can cause from eating instant noodles for a long time:

First: insufficient nutrition

For pregnant people, nutritional supplements are especially important, and instant noodles are fried, and the seasoning package is basically nourished. Therefore, long-term consumption will lead to insufficient nutritional supplements, and protein and iron will be lacking.

Second: hurt the stomach

For pregnant women, eating noodles for a long time has a bad effect on the stomach. You must know that instant noodles are fried and puffed foods. Such foods will affect the stomach and stomach. In addition, pregnant women's stomach is weak. Easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Third: dizziness and fever

In fact, prolonging the instant noodles will cause some discomfort symptoms. This is because the oils in instant noodles are easily oxidized, leading to the emergence of harmful substances, and pregnant women will experience symptoms of dizziness and fever.

In fact, can pregnant women eat instant noodles? In simple terms, it will not cause deformities. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women can eat properly, and do not eat it as a staple food. Pregnant women are advised not to use the seasonings when they are eating the cards, it is better to do it yourself. Finally, remind pregnant women that after eating instant noodles, they can properly eat fruits, which not only replenishes moisture but also replenishes the impact.

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