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Will mosquitoes transmit the new crown pneumonia virus?
Although it is said that the epidemic situation in China has been effectively controlled, the number of imported confirmed cases continues to increase, and we still cannot relax. As the weather slowly warms, the question of whether mosquitoes can spread new coronary pneumonia has caused many netizens' doubts. Then take everyone today to see the experts' answers to some doubts of netizens.

Will mosquitoes transmit the new crown pneumonia virus?

Will mosquitoes spread new crown virus?

I believe everyone knows that mosquitoes will gradually increase, and mosquitoes will infect some diseases, so it is very normal to worry about mosquitoes to spread. Experts say that worrying about mosquitoes is a good indicator of prevention and control, but do n’t worry that mosquitoes are not contagious. There is no evidence that mosquitoes are contagious. You need to know that the main mode of transmission of new coronary pneumonia is saliva and contact transmission. There is no so-called blood transmission, so you don't need to worry.

New crown pneumonia can be self-tested.

With the outbreak of the epidemic, many people are worried that they will become infected, and the circle of friends is popular with kits that can self-test the influenza virus, so many people will buy it. It is reported that as long as 15 minutes, you can insist on the infection. In fact, experts say don't be convinced, there are two main ways to detect pneumonia infection at present, one is nucleic acid detection and the other is antibody detection. Nucleic acid detection requires specialized reagents and laboratories and instruments. Antibody testing also requires professional institutions. So don't believe the test of the kit circulating on the Internet.

Is secondhand smoke contagious?

Because there may be some stupid things in life, and it can cause infection before being diagnosed, many people say that when they smoke, normal people smoking secondhand smoke will cause infection? Experts said that smoking secondhand smoke during the epidemic The two are too close, it is recommended to stay away. There is also the fact that second-hand smoke is not droplets, so it does not have transmission.

In fact, with the outbreak of the epidemic, many people are extremely worried, but the editor wants to say that as long as you do a good job of prevention and control and increase awareness of prevention and control, the new crown virus will not find you.

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