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An effective treatment for women's bacterial vaginitis!
Vaginitis is very familiar to everyone, do you know it? Speaking of vaginitis, most people want bacterial vaginitis. This is caused by sexual or indirect contact and antibiotics. How is bacterial vaginitis treated? What about it? May wish to take a look at these effective treatments to keep you away from the problems of vaginitis.

An effective treatment for women's bacterial vaginitis!

The first: drug treatment

In fact, there are medicines in western medicine that can treat bacterial vaginitis. The medicines are divided into oral and external use. Patients can choose clindamycin or metronidazole orally, while topical drugs are metronidazole suppositories, which can be placed directly in the vagina before going to bed. However, Xiaobian reminded that drug treatment is best used as directed by your doctor.

The second: traditional Chinese medicine recipe

There is also a set of medical treatments for vaginitis in China. You can choose to use five kinds of medicinal materials, such as double flower, white moss skin, cork, and Sophora flavescens and snake bed, and directly cook with water. It is used for fumigation and washing, and it is reported that it can be cured after one week.

The third type: pepper

Zanthoxylum is a common irritating food, but it can also be used to treat bacterial vaginitis. It is recommended to buy the proper peppercorns directly, put them in the pot, add water and salt, and boil directly. Then prepare a bucket and pour it in, wait for the temperature to be suitable, and use a bath to treat it, and heal in a week.

The fourth type: garlic

In fact, everyone knows that garlic has a very high bactericidal effect, so many people will use it to treat bacterial vaginitis. It's very simple. Prepare some garlic directly, peel it and mash it. Put it in a pot and add water to boil it directly into a soup. Then use the soup to clean the vulva to treat it.

In fact, how to treat bacterial vaginitis? The above four methods are extremely reliable, but I believe that most people will only use drug treatment. In fact, other methods are also very effective in treatment, and the process is extremely It's quick and easy. Try it when you're caught by inflammation.

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