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Three types of women are at high risk of attachment inflammation!
Gynecological attachment inflammation is also a very common disease, it will affect endocrine, but also affect fertility. Therefore, it is usually necessary to prevent attachment inflammation. However, Xiaobian found that there is also a favorite group of attachment inflammation. Some female friends are easily entangled. Do you want to know if you belong to this group? Follow it and see Already.

Three types of women are at high risk of attachment inflammation!

The first: women who often stay up late

Now staying up late has become a habit, and even some people can't sleep until the early morning. However, staying up late can easily lead to decreased immunity and endocrine disorders. Then it is easy for bacteria to directly infect the vagina, and the risk of appendicitis will naturally increase. So if you often stay up late, start adjusting your sleep today.

The second: women with poor resistance

In fact, women are weak because of system factors, but some women's immunity is worse than ordinary people. The poor resistance is easily infected by bacteria. When the attachment site is infected, inflammation will naturally occur. So if you belong to this group of people, then it is best to exercise regularly to improve your immune system.

The third type: people with excessive sex

What about those people who are susceptible to appendicitis? Women with too much sex are also easily recruited. Because sex can cause pelvic congestion, and the vagina can be injured. Then the bacteria will infect with these injuries, and when the attachment site is exposed to waves, inflammation will occur naturally. Therefore, you are a woman with too strong sexual desire, and women who are extremely eager for sex must control sexual desire, and reasonable sex will be more healthy.

The above three women are easily entangled by attachment inflammation, so which one do you belong to? In fact, regardless of the type, you can adjust it. Therefore, when you find yourself in a high-risk group, you should learn to change as much as possible.

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