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Explain in detail that pelvic inflammatory disease can cause infertility?
In gynecology, everyone knows the inflammation of pelvic inflammatory disease, and we all know that it is extremely harmful. Does it affect fertility when you are entangled with pelvic inflammatory disease? Does pelvic inflammatory disease cause infertility? Today I will take you to see those things about pelvic inflammation.

Explain in detail that pelvic inflammatory disease can cause infertility?

Does pelvic inflammatory disease cause infertility?

Many women think that pelvic inflammatory disease can affect fertility if not treated in time. Is this true? It is actually possible. Although the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease are not serious, the harm cannot be ignored. If pelvic inflammation directly leads to the destruction of ovarian function or the onset of salpingitis, then infertility will naturally come to your door.

What are the dangers of pelvic inflammatory disease?

First: kidney disease

In fact, the health of the kidneys is also greatly related to pelvic inflammatory disease. If pelvic connective tissue inflammation is not treated, it may spread to the kidneys, leading to the emergence of magic soldiers.

Second: blocked fallopian tubes

What harm can a woman's pelvic inflammatory disease cause? In fact, the impact on the fallopian tube is still great. The presence of inflammation can cause the fallopian tubes to become blocked, which can lead to tubal health.

Third: affect sex

Sexual life between husband and wife is an indispensable way to flirt, and when pelvic inflammatory disease recurs, it will directly affect the experience of sex, which may cause pain or worsen the condition. After so many times, women have no hope for sex, and often have depression or anxiety.

Fourth: abnormal menstruation

Pelvic inflammatory disease may also cause abnormal menstruation, because patients will increase or prolong menstruation, and endocrine disorders will seriously affect the menstrual period, ranging from endocrine disorders to severe infertility.

Does pelvic inflammatory disease cause infertility? As long as its harm does not involve fallopian tubes, there is still a chance that you will get pregnant. Do you know the specific hazards of pelvic inflammatory disease? If you do n’t know, you can learn more. .

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