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How long can a woman suffer from endometrial cancer?
Many women in life will suffer from gynecological cancer. In addition to cervical cancer, it is the most common endometrial cancer. Then you know how long the endometrial cancer can live? In fact, how long does it depend on the condition and treatment of the disease and other factors.

How long can a woman suffer from endometrial cancer?

How long can endometrial cancer live?

Many people think that endometrial cancer is fatal. In fact, its survival rate is still okay. It is a common tumor. Generally, it is almost 70% cured through some methods. Experts say that combined with their own exercise and conditioning and disease control, the cure rate can reach 85%. Therefore, there are many factors that will affect the survival rate, so there is no need to worry too much.

These factors affect the survival rate of endometrial cancer.

First: age

In fact, some studies indicate that the older the disease is, the easier it is to "short-lived", so the age also affects how long you can live. Generally, 90% of people who develop endometrial cancer before the age of 50 can live for more than 5 years. For those over 70 years old, it is 7.5%.

Second: illness

In fact, how long can endometrial cancer live depends on changes in the condition. If the tumor is relatively large or lymph node metastasis occurs, the quality of life is not high. Ninety percent have no lymphatic metastasis, while only about 60% have lymphatic metastasis.

Third: Treatment

How long endometrial cancer can live is completely dependent on the treatment. If you actively cooperate with treatment, you will usually pay attention to diet and exercise, then the possibility of cure is still very high.

In fact, how long can endometrial cancer live? Xiao Bian wants to say that the important thing is his own mentality. If you have the mentality of insisting on treatment, you are optimistic and you will not always think about finishing, and you can control your condition, then you can live a long time. The mortality of the endometrium is not very high. In short, the focus is on yourself. Adjusting yourself, you can easily solve any difficulties.

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