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Five types of people are prone to endometrial cancer!
Many young girls think that endometrial cancer will not come to you, in fact, it is also a "like" crowd. If infertility or excessive estrogen consumption or menstrual abnormalities, etc., are easily ridden. Today, I will tell you in detail which people are more likely to develop endometrial cancer.

Five types of people are prone to endometrial cancer!

These people are at high risk for endometrial cancer.

First: Infertility

Many people have infertility in their daily lives, but the more times they give birth, the lower the risk of endometrial cancer. Therefore, infertility patients can easily get rid of uterine cancer.

Second: Excessive estrogen intake

Estrogen also has a great relationship with endometrial cancer. When you take exogenous estrogen for a long time due to various factors, it will lead to the absence of progestin, which will greatly increase the risk of cancer.

Third: Obesity

Did you know that about 70% of endometrial cancer patients are obese? Obesity is actually a manifestation of endocrine imbalances, and fat can cause a large increase in estrogen storage, which undoubtedly greatly increases the risk of cancer.

Fourth: diabetes

Many people do not know that diabetes also causes uterine cancer. Because diabetic patients often have pituitary abnormalities, and long-term pituitary abnormalities can lead to polycystic ovaries or endometrial hyperplasia, which can cause cancer.

Fifth: uterine bleeding

Uterine bleeding is also a very common condition. If you belong to uterine bleeding and it is still not good for a long time, then you must think about uterine cancer, especially friends after menopause.

In fact, most people are not familiar with endometrial cancer. Therefore, it is often unknown after suffering from cancer. The editor wants to say that the above are the most favored groups of uterine cancer. If you belong to these groups, it is recommended to improve them as soon as possible, especially those who are obese and infertile. These two types of people Easy to hit.

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