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Female contraception should stay away from two major misunderstandings!
Contraception is a must-have for women who have sex but don't want children. Otherwise, accidental pregnancy is likely to occur. They do n’t want children. They can only have abortion. However, abortion is very damaging to the uterus. Some people can't conceive again after doing it once. very huge. In order to prevent contraception correctly, ask women to quickly look at the misunderstanding of female contraception.

Female contraception should stay away from two major misunderstandings!

Misunderstanding of female contraception.

Misunderstanding one, the pregnancy will not be pregnant

Many women's contraceptive method is to choose the same room during the safe period. They feel that the ovary does not ovulate during this period, so even if the sperm enters the vagina, there is no need to worry about the sperm meeting the egg and conceiving. But in fact, this method is not 100% successful, because after the sperm enter the vagina, it can survive for a period of time. If the woman ovulates in advance at this time, it may lead to the sperm and eggs meeting and conceiving. This method is not for any woman, it is only suitable for those women with very regular menstrual cycle.

Misunderstanding two, contraceptives can be used for a long time.

Many people find it difficult to wear a condom, and two people feel that they are coming, but they have to stop wearing the condom, because it will affect the mood of the two, so they do n’t like wearing condoms. It is not advisable to choose to take contraceptives, because contraceptives are drugs after all. They contain a large amount of hormones. If they are taken for a long time, they will affect the hormone levels in the body and cause endocrine disorders. However, once endocrine disorders, not only can women become obese, but also affect pregnancy. Because endocrine has a great connection with the menstrual cycle.

Furthermore, contraceptives are medicines, whether short-acting, long-acting, or urgent, you should eat less. Eating too much can accumulate a lot of toxins in your body. In addition, they do not like sports on weekdays, and their schedules are irregular. If they eat a mess all day, toxins in the body are more likely to accumulate and are not conducive to excretion. In the long-term, toxins will invade the body, causing major organs to be eroded and increasing the burden of detoxifying organs.

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