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Can I have sex after suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease?
Pelvic inflammatory disease is a very nasty gynecological inflammation. If it is not treated in time, once the inflammation has spread, it will damage other organs. After suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease, many women will want to share the same room, but they don't know if doing so will damage the body. Because people often ask if they can have the same room after suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease? I want to know the answer.

Can I have sex after suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease?

Can I have sex after suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease?

If it is acute pelvic inflammatory disease and is in the onset phase, it is not allowed to intercourse. Of course, if the inflammation is controlled and there is no acute symptoms in good condition, intercourse can be performed appropriately. But after all, during the illness, there is inflammation in the body. When you are in the same room, you can't do as you want in daily life. There are many places that need attention, and they can't be sloppy:

For example, we must do a good job of cleaning because the male reproductive organs will enter the vagina of women when we are in the same room. If we do not do a good job of cleaning, it is easy to bring bacteria into the vagina, which will lead to infection and worsen pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, women with pelvic inflammatory disease, when sharing the room with the other half, be sure to clean the body carefully, and remember to rinse afterwards, so as to reduce the possibility of bacterial infection. In addition, it is best to wear a condom when you are in the same room. This way, some bacteria will be blocked by the condom. And you have to wear it beforehand. If you wear it halfway, it is easy to wear the sleeve in a panic situation.

For example, the number of intercourses should not be too much. If frequent intercourses will not only lead to a large amount of physical exhaustion, but the entire person is not mental. It will also cause repeated pelvic congestion, which will only make the inflammation worse. In addition, it should be noted that during the process of intercourse, if you feel uncomfortable, such as back pain, lower abdominal pain, etc., you must immediately stop intercourse. Do not act reluctantly to avoid overstimulating the pelvic cavity.

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