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How to prevent miscarriage after polycystic ovary pregnancy?
Polycystic disease is a very common disease of women of childbearing age. When encountering this disease, women tend not to get pregnant easily, even if they are pregnant, it is easy to have a miscarriage. Therefore, women with polycystic ovary need to take timely prevention after pregnancy. So how to prevent miscarriage after polycystic ovary pregnancy? This problem requires women to take a closer look.

How to prevent miscarriage after polycystic ovary pregnancy?

How to prevent miscarriage after polycystic ovary pregnancy?

I. Periodic inspection

Polycystic ovary pregnancy must be performed after pregnancy, because the condition of the fetus needs to be observed, and once abnormalities are found, they must be dealt with immediately. Especially at 32 weeks of pregnancy, you need to start fetal heart monitoring to determine the health of the fetus and see if there are any problems with hypoxia or other problems. Normal and healthy pregnant women need to have a check-up on time, not to mention pregnant women who have polycystic ovaries and are prone to miscarriage. They should also check-up on time and listen to the doctor's advice.

Second, actively take care of the baby

This is because the secretion of hormones in the polycystic ovary is unstable, which can easily lead to lower estrogen and progesterone and high androgen. If this problem occurs in this way, then it is necessary to immediately maintain the tire, and generally it is necessary to maintain the tire for three or four months, which is relatively stable. However, remember that you should never use progesterone medications. You must take the medications according to your doctor's instructions. You can't listen to other people's medications and take them at will. It will easily hurt your fetus.

Third, supplement nutrition

After pregnancy, not only does it need nutrition itself, but the fetus needs a lot of nutrition. If the intake of nutrients is insufficient, it will cause fetal dysplasia. Conversely, if the nutrition is too abundant, the fetus will grow too large. In short, to supplement nutrition reasonably, we must not be sloppy at all, let alone blind tonic. Among them, you should eat more leafy vegetables and fruits, and mainly fresh, more nutritious.

In addition to these measures, after suffering from polycystic ovary, it is necessary to maintain moderate exercise, because exercise can enhance physical fitness, thereby enhancing resistance, and it is less likely to get sick.

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