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Inventory the four main causes of women's infertility!
Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from infertility, and many families are also broken because of infertility. Why is that woman infertile? What causes it? In fact, there are many factors that lead to infertility. Today, I will talk about several common reasons to see which one you belong to.

Inventory the four main causes of women's infertility!

The first: cervical factors

Cervical diseases can also cause infertility, because these diseases can affect sperm progression. Especially cervical polyps or cervical cervicitis, these are the main causes of infertility.

The second: fallopian tube factor

The appearance of infertility is also related to the fallopian tubes. From the name, it is known that this is specifically for transporting eggs. It is like a bridge. Once the bridge is seated, it cannot pass. Therefore, when the fallopian tube is blocked or inflammation occurs, the egg will be affected, which will hinder fertilization and achieve infertility.

The third: ovarian factors

What other factors cause women's infertility? It may be caused by abnormal ovaries. You must know that the ovaries are the organs that conceive eggs. Once the ovaries have problems such as premature aging or tumors, the maturity of the eggs will be affected, and the sperm will not be able to combine to cause infertility.

The fourth type: congenital factors

In fact, the appearance of infertility may also be congenital, such as inadequate reproductive system development, which may lead to habitual abortion or even infertility. There are also acquired factors, such as obesity or metabolic diseases or frequent exposure to radiation, etc., these will cause infertility.

The above are several common infertility factors. The editor wants to say that the appearance of infertility should not be too desperate. Find out the factors that cause your infertility first, and see if you are congenital or due to diseases. Only by grasping the cause of your infertility can you treat it symptomatically, then the infertility will soon be eliminated. When you're stuck with infertility, come and see what factors.

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