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Four reasons for cervical hypertrophy in women!
Cervical hypertrophy is commonly heard, but it is extremely strange. Let's talk about the cause of cervical hypertrophy today. It may be caused by inflammation, or it may be caused by ovarian abnormalities and other factors. Let's learn more about it below.

Four reasons for cervical hypertrophy in women!

First: inflammation

In fact, gynecological diseases are the easiest diseases in the world, and chronic inflammation such as chronic appendicitis and chronic uterine myositis are also common, and these inflammations can cause cervical hyperemia, edema, and hyperplasia, etc. Cervical hypertrophy.

Second: uterine factors

What is the cause of cervical hypertrophy in women? It may be caused by incomplete uterine recovery after delivery. You need to know that postpartum recovery of the uterus is needed, and when the uterine elastic fibrous tissue appears hyperplasia, it will cause cervical hypertrophy.

Third: Ovary

In fact, abnormal ovaries can cause cervical hypertrophy. Because of ovarian dysfunction, the uterus will be constantly stimulated by estrogen, which can easily cause uterine muscle hypertrophy.

Fourth: pelvic cavity

Is cervical hypertrophy also related to the pelvic cavity? Yes, when congestion occurs in the pelvic cavity, it will cause hyperplasia of connective tissue in the uterus, and then the cervical hypertrophy will occur.

How to treat cervical hypertrophy?

First: diet

How should people with cervical hypertrophy eat? It is recommended to eat less greasy and spicy foods, and eat more high-protein and low-fat foods, such as various fruits and vegetables.

Second: health

In daily life, we must do a good job of the hygiene of the private part, so it is recommended to pay more attention to cleaning the private part. Do not use various washing liquids. Warm water is the best choice.

The above is about the causes of cervical hypertrophy and small methods of nursing. The editor wants to say that cervical fertility conferences lead to increased vaginal discharge, which will lead to infertility, affect the quality of sex and the dangers of inducing cancer. The cause of hypertrophy is the only way to better prevent it. Do you know the cause of the disease and its care?

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