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Five Reasons Why Women Have Pain During Sex!
Sexual life was originally a life that most men and women aspire to, and harmonious sex will also increase the feelings of couples, but many women are complaining about the pain of sexual intercourse, which not only affects the quality but also affects the feelings of the couple. Then do you know what causes female pain during sexual intercourse? Today, I will simply give you science and science.

Five Reasons Why Women Have Pain During Sex!

First: female structure

We all know that women's physiological structures are relatively special. The urethra, the bladder, and the pelvic cavity are tightly connected to the vagina. Therefore, these organs will be stimulated during sexual intercourse. Coupled with the rush of sex, it is easy to cause the lower abdomen. pain.

Second: Rude

Female sexual intercourse pain may have something to do with the partner's movements. If the partner is too hard or squeezes too much during sex, or chooses some improper posture. These will cause the abdominal cavity pressure to increase, so the uterus, bowel, and bladder will be squeezed, which will cause abdominal pain.

Third: Gynecological diseases

Why is there pain during sexual intercourse? It may be related to gynecological diseases. It is reported that when female friends suffer from diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease or cervicitis and appendicitis, sexual inflammation will cause these inflammations to be stimulated, which will cause lower abdominal pain.

Fourth: Allergies

Everyone's constitution is different, so the allergens they cause are also different. And some women are allergic to sperm because of physical factors. Then when the sperm enters the body, symptoms such as pain and vomiting will occur.

Fifth: luteal rupture

Why is there pain during sexual intercourse? The corpus luteum may be abnormal. Because sex may cause corpus luteum rupture due to movement or frequency and other factors, resulting in pain and so on.

The above are the common reasons for women's sexual intercourse pain. In fact, I want to say that it is best to understand your physical condition before sexual intercourse. If you have a disease, cure it before intercourse. If you are allergic, condoms are a good choice .

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