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Four common symptoms of urethritis in women!
Women also easily cause urinary tract infections in everyday life, and urethritis is a more common inflammation in women. Many people get sick without knowing their symptoms, which makes them worse. What are the symptoms of urethritis? In fact, it is not just urinary urgency, but also some symptoms. The following is a detailed inventory check.

Four common symptoms of urethritis in women!

First: frequent urination

In fact, this is a very common symptom. If you have frequent urination and you still have a burning sensation when you urinate, it means that urethritis has become entangled.

Second: abnormal urine

In fact, I want to know if I am entangled with urethritis and see if the urine is abnormal. Leave one urination in three glass bottles. If the first cup is turbid and the next two cups are clear, it means anterior urethritis; if the first two cups are clear, the third The cup is cloudy, which is posterior urethritis.

The third type: low back pain

What are the symptoms of urethritis? Low back pain usually occurs, so don't treat low back pain as kidney deficiency. Generally speaking, when urethritis occurs, it will cause persistent pain, so be careful of urethritis when back pain occurs.

The fourth type: urethral swelling

Friends with urethritis will have redness and swelling at the urethral opening, which is why urination is painful. In general, the appearance of redness and swelling means that the condition is serious.

In fact, the treatment of urethritis must first find out what causes urethritis, and then choose targeted antibiotics for treatment. The treatment time is as short as two weeks and two months. Remember to remove all bacteria before ending the treatment.

In fact, urethritis occurs in both men and women, and the incidence of women will be higher. Therefore, if you want to prevent urethritis, you must know its symptoms, especially the urethral swelling, which most people attribute to the friction of clothes. In fact, as long as the symptoms are kept in mind, once a positive cause appears, it can be effectively controlled.

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