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Why is sexual desire higher during menstruation?
The menstrual period is an important period. Many women will experience various changes during this period, such as sexual desire. Of course, the menstrual period is not suitable for contract rooms, but why do you have higher sexual desire at this time? It is recommended that women should know about this. Please follow the editor to see the question "why is the sexual desire higher during menstruation?" Answering questions.

Why is sexual desire higher during menstruation?

Why is sexual desire higher during menstruation?

There are three main problems with this situation: First, pelvic congestion. During the menstrual period, the amount of pelvic congestion will increase, so that pelvic congestion will increase sexual desire. Therefore, sexual excitement is more likely to occur during menstruation. Second, changes in hormone levels in the body. During menstruation, the level of androgens in the body is higher than usual, and this substance can stimulate the body's sexual desire. Therefore, women are more likely to be excited by the stimulation of androgens. Third, psychological factors, many women are always worried that they will become pregnant unexpectedly, and they cannot intersex during menstruation, so they will not be pregnant, so they will feel much more at ease, and their sexual desire will naturally increase.

Xiaobian reminded that the menstrual period is a very special stage, even if sexual desire is very high at this time, you want to hold back if you want to have the same room. Because the woman's cervix is ​​open at this time, if there is a relationship with the same room at this time, the germs can easily be brought into the vagina, and then enter the uterus through the cervix, thereby inducing a uterine infection. Of course, when the inflammation is not treated in time, the inflammation will gradually spread to other nearby organs, thereby making the inflammation more serious.

If you want to spend your menstrual period comfortably, be sure to take care of your health. In addition to not being in the same room, remember to do a good job of cleaning, that is, washing the vulva area with warm water every night to avoid the menstrual blood, urine and other dirty things remaining on the surface of the vulva skin, giving the opportunity for bacterial invasion. Also remember to keep warm for the body, because the body is weak at this time, if you do not take warm measures, your body will be easily cold. Once a large amount of cold air invades, it will cause cold air to stagnate and cause dysmenorrhea.

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