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Common mistakes in condom use do you make?
Contraception in couples' sexual life is extremely important. If you say that you do not have contraception, then the number of people who have abortions and sexually transmitted diseases will increase, so condoms are a guarantee of sexual quality. However, the use of condoms is also a science. There are many misunderstandings that many people often make in life. Let me give you a good science and science to see if you have done it.

Common mistakes in condom use do you make?

The first: no emptying

In fact, anyone who has used a condom knows that there will be air in the front end, and most people don't care. The editor wanted to say that condom rupture can easily occur during sexual intercourse when there is no emptying, so it is recommended to gently empty the condom when wearing condoms.

Second: The thinner the better

Many couples choose ultra-thin condoms in order to experience a stronger feeling. In fact, the thinner the condom, the easier it is to shoot early, so for a man who ejaculates quickly or is older, a thick condom is a good choice.

The third type: wear more sets

Many people think that condoms are not only to avoid diseases, but also to extend the ejaculation time. So I thought that wearing a few more condoms can prolong the time. In fact, there will be friction between condoms, so it is easy to break, so it is recommended to choose a condom suitable for you.

Fourth: Improper use of time

In fact, for men, they don't like to wear condoms. Therefore, when they are having sex, they will wait for real sex or when they are about to ejaculate, which is very dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that couples should wear it when they have sex, especially when they start sexual organ contact.

In fact, condoms are in the eyes of most people, and many people are a guarantee of safety. The editor wants to say that condoms are the best weapon to protect themselves. Of course, improper use of weapons can also hurt you, so friends who often use condoms may wish to look at the above misunderstandings and avoid repeating them in the future.

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