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Effective prevention of uterine fibroids!
Have you noticed that your leucorrhea has increased, your abdomen has swollen menstrual periods, excessive blood volume, and prolongation? In fact, this is the fault of uterine fibroids. These symptoms can be caused by uterine fibroids, so prevention is recommended. So how to prevent uterine fibroids? In fact, there are many effective methods, let's simply understand.

Effective prevention of uterine fibroids!

These methods can prevent the appearance of uterine fibroids.

First: Less smoking and more rest

Know that bad habits are also one of the main incentives, such as staying up late or smoking constantly. So avoid to stay away from cigarettes and sleep well.

Second: Eat less meat and more vegetables

Improper diet can also lead to the appearance of uterine fibroids. You must know that friends who like to eat meat will affect the secretion of hormones. Then abnormal hormone secretion may cause uterine fibroids. To adjust, in general, as long as you pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, eat less meat and more vegetables, of course, pay more attention to eating less irritating food.

Third: do a good job of contraception

With the opening of sex, many people have experienced the deliciousness of sex. However, some people do not do a good job of contraception in order to experience, which leads to frequent flow of people. However, too many people will also cause the appearance of uterine fibroids, so friends who do not want children to do contraception during sex, it is not wrong to have more condoms at home.

Fourth: Pay attention to personal hygiene

In fact, unclean sanitation can also cause illness, because more attention should be paid to the cleaning of the vulva. Pay more attention especially during the menstrual period, it is recommended to use less washing lotion and more warm water.

Uterine fibroids are a relatively common disease in gynecology. Most friends will be recruited accidentally. The editor wants to say that the above methods can effectively prevent uterine fibroids. Therefore, it is recommended that Do these things well, both in diet and work and rest.

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